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DermaLume 2X
DermaLume 2X®
Dermalight 90
Dermalight® 90

DermaLume 2X

Handheld Phototherapy Device for scalp or small patches

3.3" x 5.4" / 17.5in2 output window (8 cm x 14 cm / 113 cm2)
Comb attachment/distance included
2 lamps
18 watts UV energy
CPT timer

Faster that Dermalight® 90 due to larger output window and extra lamp.

Precise control of treatment since lamps automatically turn off when timer reaches zero.

Dermalight® 90

Handheld Phototherapy unit for scalp

1.75"x5" output window
(4.4 cm x 12.7 cm)
Comb attachment/distance guide
1 lamp
9 watts energy
Separate timer

Includes 2 extra lamps


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