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Home Phototherapy Patient Information

Dr. Feldman said Dermatologists I know who
have severe psoriasis... have
home [uvb phototherapy] light units

because it's so convenient and effective.

Home UVB Phototherapy

Unparalleled track record

For decades, Phototherapy has been shown to be safe for adults and children. Success and remissions rates are higher for phototherapy than for any other treatment on the market for psoriasis, vitiligo and numerous other skin conditions. Of course, home uvb phototherapy is also convenient and cost-effective.




Home UVB Phototherapy Safety

  • Safe for long-term use in adults, children, pregnant women, and immune-depressed persons
  • No increased risk of skin cancer, whereas biologic medications have a risk of organ toxicity and are linked with cancer
  • Our home uvb phototherapy units are equipped with safety features: controlled prescription timer, key-lock and more.

Home UVB Phototherapy Effectiveness

So, Phototherapy works, but why Home UVB Phototherapy?

  • Convenience: Location, location, location
  • Affordable. Home UVB Phototherapy is often the least expensive treatment, and is generally covered by insurance. Surprised? Calculate your current costs
  • More time for yourself and your family

Side benefits of Home UVB Phototherapy

  • Relief from the anxiety caused by living with chronic discomfort
  • Improved mood and peace of mind, knowing that episodes and pain are manageable
  • Less pain and fewer drugs means better health
home uvb phototherapy with panosol 3D home uvb phototherapy with handisol II home uvb phototherapy with handfoot II

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Covered by most insurance carriers. Federal law restricts the sale of this device by or on the order of a physician. We are the only company certified to ship phototherapy units to Canada.

TUV GSA Compliance Team