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Phototherapy at home versus at the office

Generally, patients will try a course of narrowband UVB Phototherapy in the office. If it is effective and the case is chronic, the decision of whether to provide Phototherapy treatments to a particular patient at the office or prescribe a home unit is between you and your patient.


The major factor influencing this decision is convenience, translating into

  • Compliance. Better patient follow-through for patients that have difficulty getting to the clinic
  • Consistent treatment times for chronic sufferers
  • Teamwork. Patients monitor progress, while physicians regulate prescription via the CPT timers and follow-up visits

Reimbursement, Efficacy, and Safety

  • Reimbursed by medicare and most insurers. We'll work with your patient on Insurance Reimbursement
  • Same efficacy as booth in your office
  • Same safety profile as booth in your office

TUV GSA Compliance Team