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Maintenance Contracts

Routine maintenance will keep booths operating properly

Service according to patient volume of booth. We recommend complete booth service every 150-200 hours (when lamps need replacement) to keep the booth operating at peak performance. With an average of 10 Treatments per day is this is approximately once a year.

Top 10 Advantages of a Service Contract

  1. Downtime scheduled (1 day) so no revenue loss or rescheduled patients
  2. Staff In-Service Training - Keep staff up to date on proper operation, administration of UV light and the latest "Tricks-of-the-Trade"
  3. Improves patient compliance - Patients are excited by new lamps
  4. Increase patient volume - Excited patients refer other sufferers
  5. Staff available for patients vs. cleaning and/or re-lamping booth
  6. Helps reduce service issues by identifying problems before they occur
  7. Keep equipment operating at peak performance
  8. Lower cost for Lamps - over a 25% discount on NB lamps
  9. 10% off Standard PM/Service rates
  10. 15% off service parts, if needed

Service Includes

In-Service Training for staff

  • Proper Administration of UV Light therapy on National Biological equipment
  • Extensive training on proper booth functions and operation
  • Proper metering & calibration training
  • Instruction on record keeping of Lamp Outputs and Hours
  • Technicians get Tips and Techniques from offices all over the country that even the most experienced Phototherapists find Invaluable

Preventative Maintenance

  • Electrical Inspection. Examination and testing of electrical components, including all lamp sockets
  • Clean unit, including behind the Reflective and Access Panels
  • Verify proper operation of timers and all booth functions
  • General Inspection


  • If lamps needed, our technician will install all lamps purchased
  • Eliminate staff handling of any broken lamps
  • Special pricing on Lamps
  • All lamps cleaned prior to installation

We are one of the largest suppliers of Philips lamps

So, we offer service and re-lamping for competitors booths

TUV GSA Compliance Team