Home Phototherapy and Office Phototherpy from National Biological Corporation

National Biological is now an in-network  benefit with Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina


The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association in South Carolina recently decided that making in-home UV Phototherapy treatment an in-network benefit with National Biological the Provider makes perfect sense when compared to biological injections. BCBS of South Carolina now covers NBC’s full product line of home Phototherapy units at in-network rates.

As Kenneth Oif, CEO of National Biological explains, “The cost of biologic drugs for psoriasis is akin to a runaway freight rain. The use of drugs like Enbrel and Humira skyrocketed in 2011, with $2.1 billion being spent on them in the United States.  Studies have shown that these numbers will increase to $7.5 billion dollars spent annually by 2015. We believe home UV phototherapy can slow the tide of the use of these powerful drugs that have significant potential side effects, because you pay for the UV device once as opposed to being burdened with a prescription drug cost for life. By using the home light treatment, the 2-year cost drops from $48,000 per patient per year for a drug like Humira, down to a one-time cost of $5,500 which include the UV Phototherapy system and periodic follow-up visits to the physician’s office.  It takes the burden off the medical clinic and the patient at the same time.”

One of the critical keys to helping patients out there suffering from moderate to severe psoriasis is in educating the Dermatological community about the benefits and excellent treatment from this home therapy.  While phototherapy in doctor’s office has been an in-network benefit for over 20 years, phototherapy treatments in the patients’ home has been much harder to obtain.  BCBS of SC decision to make this equipment an in-network benefit will allow their members to take advantage of this safe and cost effective psoriasis treatment modality in the convenience and privacy of their own home.

National Biological Corporation was established in Cleveland OH in 1967. They are the nation’s foremost provider of phototherapy equipment for dermatological conditions in the United States, and the innovating company when it comes to phototherapy for home use.

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Posted: 11/19/2013



TUV GSA Compliance Team