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Medicare Reimbursement

Effective January 1, 2002, Medicare reimbursement rates for Phototherapy treatment increased dramatically, due primarily to the combined efforts of the American Academy of Dermatology Association and the National Psoriasis Foundation with data provided in part by National Biological Corporation.

To ensure that physicians receive adequate reimbursement for Phototherapy treatments, increases were made to three key Phototherapy codes, according to the rule published in the November 1, 2001, edition of the Federal Register. Payment for UVB treatments, CPT 96910 (photochemotherapy, tar and ultraviolet B or petrolatum and ultraviolet B), increased 117%. Reimbursement for PUVA treatments, CPT 96912 (Phototherapy psoralens and ultraviolet A), also increased 117%. Goeckerman treatment, CPT 96913 (photochemotherapy for severe photoresponsive dermatoses requiring at least 4-8 hours of care under direct supervision of a physician), increased. This unprecedented increase will maintain Phototherapy as the primary treatment option for patients suffering from psoriasis, vitiligo and other skin ailments.

The Medicare reimbursement increases cover treatments using any of the Phototherapy devices available from National Biological Corporation. Known as a leader in the field, National Biological manufactures institutional Phototherapy devices which can be used in an office or hospital environment. In addition, National Biological pioneered physician-guided home Phototherapy with devices like Panosol 3D that can be used either in an institutional setting or for home Phototherapy.

National Biological Corporation also offers free insurance reimbursement assistance on the purchase of home units.





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