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National Biological is proud to have thousands of satisfied customers. We asked a sampling of those customers to tell us about their experiences with National Biological home Phototherapy products and service. Here is what they had to say:
  • Just letting you know that the uv has made a very positive impact on my life. I am a guitar player (classical/Jazz/pop) who has had to use a flat pick for years because the psoriasis on my fingers prevented me from playing finger style. I am now able to use the skills that I developed from my teen years throughout my life until the psoriasis put a stop to [this] in my early 50s. My fingers would split, bleed, swell and, in general, not function as a musicians hands. Most of the time I was able to use the left hand to press the strings so I used a flat pick in place of my fingers on my right. Even then there have been times that I was not able to play because the left hand fingers too would split. I have used a variety of creams and ointments over the past 10 years and have seen different dermatologist. The ointments were all .05% fluocinonide or similar and I have lost track of the various creams. I am still using the ointment and cream but, and only since I started using the uv light on my hands (12 weeks now) have I been able to start playing classical guitar (all fingers in use) for many years with any consistency. I have also been able to return to early styles of playing that I had to let go for country, jazz and pop guitar styles. I enjoy playing again. I was finally able to convince a dermatologist to let the give the uv light a try and that has proven to be the best treatment to date for my hands. Just thought you would like to know. Vernon (WV), Nov 6, 2015
  • I wanted to get back to you about my use of the Panasol 3D Ultraviolet Unit.  In a word, it has been wonderful!  When it first arrived I used the unit for 45 seconds a day.  As I used the unit my psoriasis gradually disappeared and today my skin is completely healed.  As a maintanence procedure I use the unit for 1 minute every other day.  My dermatologist is delighted and has stopped the use of any creams or ointments to control my condition.  My doctor and his staff were wonderful in providing initial guidance in the use of the unit and handling all the necessary insurance issues. Finally, I need to point out that the person who assembled and installed the unit was great.  I needed the unit placed in an extremely small space and he was able to accomodate all my needs. I could not be happier with the use of this unit.  I want to thank all the people at National Biological who helped in seeing that I received the unit and that it worked properly.  You have changed my life for the better!! Bob (NY) Oct 9, 2015

  • For me, the National Biologic Handisol unit has been a quality of life game-changer. I had been through all of the topical treatments, plus methotrexate, which made me feel terrible, 24/7. I was facing using one of the biologics, with the attendant immune system problems and risks. With the Handisol unit, in a bit over two months, my hands were 100% clear and my feet about 90%. My dermatologist was very pleased at my last visit. He stated once again that UVB was by far the safest treatment." Earle (AL), July 2015

  • What a wonderful company National Biological is!  They have been making my life easier for 15 years!  I bought my first UVB unit 15 years ago and received great customer service.  I could always call on Sandy for anything needed.  She is still working there...which tells me that this is one decent company after that many years. My second UVB experience was equally pleasant. Psoriasis can be a challenge...but the products and services at National Biological have made it easier to handle. Thanks for all your help! Shelley (AR), Aug 2015

    My problem resembled an allergic reaction wth itching. The secret is the physician recognizing what the problem is and knowing that your [Panosol 3D] is available. I had good results immediately! Bonnie (MS), June 2015
  • For several years I suffered from broken skin, redness, bleeding and itching on my hands.  I was a 5 or 6 Band-Aid a day user and was embarrassed to hold or shake hands!  My dermatologist tried all kinds of ointments, sprays, and other treatments on me, but with little or no success.  Finally, she suggested we try light therapy.  THANK GOODNESS!!!  She ordered the Handisol II for me to use at home and it has done wonders!  It is simple to use and I have had remarkable results!  My hands are no longer red, cracked, or itchy and I can hold my little granddaughter and enjoy touching her little hands without being afraid she will just have memories of grandma's rough hands!  Instead, she receives a soft, tender touch! So thanks for this wonderful product!  I am now in remission and if and when psoriasis again rears its ugly head, I know where I can get relief! Norma (NC), June 2015

  • I am super delighted with my phototherapy unit.  I have the 3-sided upright [Panosol-3D] unit which is very easy to  use.  After many years of using topical medicines for my plaque psoriasis, my dermatologist suggested light therapy.  I started  going into her office for a series of treatments and within a few months, my  psoriasis outbreaks became less frequent.  It was so successful that I decided to buy a unit of my own.  I consider this treatment a "miracle".  Not only do I use the unit in the privacy of my home, but  it  doesn't interfere with my every day life.  My skin has recovered and I can wear sleeveless outfits and shorts more often without feeling self conscious.  The scarring, which results from psoriasis, is gone.  Also, I was relieved that my insurance company paid a whopping amount of the cost.  I was responsible for a manageable deductible, which I could pay off in monthly increments.  It made  such a difference in my life that I tell everyone who is interested.   Many people were not aware that I have psoriasis.  For that I am thankful.  It has taken a chronic problem that I had to deal with every day and has made it nonexistent. Sally (PA) Oct 2014

  • I had been dealing with moderate to severe Psoriasis for over 15 years.  Dermatologists prescribed countless topical treatments to no avail.  My current dermatologist recommended phototherapy treatments three times a week.  In just TWO weeks I began to see results, so  the doctor [talked] to me about home therapy. National Biological answered all of my questions and the representative contacted my insurance company on my behalf. My insurance company covered the Panasol 3D home unit. I was only responsible for my standard co-payment.   I felt very confident about what I was purchasing and the customer support offered by National Biological.  [The purchase] was a “no-brainer”.  In fact, in less than 3 months, I totally recouped my time and expense by administering my own treatments at home.  My wife and I are absolutely pleased with the results.  My psoriasis is GONE. I would highly recommend a home therapy unit to anyone who has psoriasis.  National Biological has made my life so much easier. Christopher (IN), Oct 2014

  • I've had my Handisol unit for just over a year and it's fantastic! As a college student it was taking a lot of time and money to visit the dermatologist's office three times a week. It is perfectly sized to fit under my desk and when I'm traveling home I just buckle it up. Thank you National Biological for making such a great product, and for having fantastic service. Rob (VT) Oct 2014

  • From a very happy customer... Anyone who has suffered from psoriasis knows how truly debilitating the disease can be. This disease controlled my life from the time I was a young child until my doctor suggested that I contact National Biological to arrange to purchase a [Panosol 3D] in home ultraviolet light box to treat my skin disease. From my initial telephone call, I was very impressed with the courtesy and knowledge that was extended to me. 
    All of my questions were answered and I was assisted every step of the way in processing the paperwork involved, including insurance forms.  The delivery and set up of my light treatment was seamless.  The most important news is that with consistent use of this in home ultraviolet light treatment, I have been able to have clear skin. I highly recommend National Biological in home ultraviolet light treatment and their excellent staff. Kathleen (CO), Nov 2013

  • Thanks to my dermatologist, who wrote the script and provided needed documentation of my condition, I now have the remarkable Panosol 3D unit by National Biological.   I call this my "Magic Lamp".  Within the first 6 weeks the plaque on my elbows, back, and legs was 85% clear.  My knees were really resistant  to healing but now 4 months into treatment 3 days per week they are about 75% clear and I know that I will see a complete clearing by years end.  I do not go beyond the treatment time recommend by my physician and even she is singing the praises of my return to wholeness.  Thank you National Biological! Anita (TN), Oct 2013
  • I have been using the DermaLume 2X hand wand for severe scalp psoriasis with success.  Prior to use the itching was almost unbearable.  This condition has improved.  I am also using the wand between phototherapy sessions on reoccurring spots such as hands.  It is helping me maintain good control.  I would recommend phototherapy to anyone who has been unsuccessful in controlling psoriasis with steroidal creams. Theresa (MI), Oct 2013 

  • I have had psoriasis for over 20 years and it seemed to get worse over the past three years.  There were times that the outbreak on my skin would be so painful that could hardly stand for clothes to touch my skin. (winter months are always worse)  Two years ago I started going to UVB phototherapy.  The nearest phototherapy clinic required a 2 hour round trip 2 times per week.   My doctor felt that I would need this treatment for many years to come, therefore, she recommended that I purchase a Panasol 3D unit for use in my home.  Over the years, I tried unsuccessful topical steroids, other preferred topical therapies, injections and an oral systemic therapy.  After obtaining my home unit, which I now use about once every 8-10 days, my skin has showed much improvement.  It is now soft and clear.  Topical therapies are no longer needed. I am very happy with my unit at home and would highly recommend it to anyone with  psoriasis. The unit was purchased from National Biological and the service I received from their staff was excellent.   The unit was delivered directly to my home, it was easy to assemble and National Biological gave me help anytime that I needed it.  Thank you National Biological for making a great improvement in my life. Anna (VA), Oct 2013

  • I cannot thank you enough for helping me get set up with my home ultraviolet unit.  It has made my life so much easier.  The trips to town were getting hard on me, and now I have the convenience of getting my treatments in the comfort of my own home and at a time that is convenient for me; not to mention cost in gas and wear and tear and the cost of the office visits.  I don't have to miss treatments because the Doctor's office is closed or bad weather, etc. The unit has been working flawlessly and it is maintaining my treatments in good order. I especially appreciate you and your company's help in getting the unit here and support for setting it up.  You have answered all my questions thoroughly and helped me feel confident & comfortable in using the unit. Thanks again! Bob (NC), Oct 2013

  • I purchased my UVB-NB with side light panels about 7 months ago. Back then I was covered with plaques all over my body, “I was a very unhappy camper”. I was using topicals without much success. The closest light treatment Clinic was 100 miles from my home which made light treatments unrealistic. I have been treating myself with light treatments every other day for four minutes a session. My condition has improved over 80 % and I have my life back again thanks to National Biological Corporation. Gregory (MN), Oct 2013

  • My new [Panosol 3D] UVB light unit is a very welcomed tool in the control of my psoriasis...  I use it 2 - 3 times per week and for far fewer exposure minutes than before and the results are outstanding. I have a pretty severe case of psoriasis with several active sites which have all come under control since I've transitioned to the new unit. The very best thing about this is that the UVB treatments have eliminated the need for any systemic medications...all of which have the potential for serious side affects. To sum it up...I'm a REAL HAPPY CAMPER!!!! James (IL), Sept 2013 

  • I have had psoriasis for over 6 years with limited treatment options due to another illness, I started using the Phototherapy treatment 3 years ago through my Dermatologist. The results of this therapy began showing great results within a month. I was no longer self-conscious about my red & scaly skin. I then suffered a set back with my MS and was no longer able to make the appointments to my Dermatologists office. National Biological came to the rescue with their [Panosol 3D] Home Phototherapy Units. I am able to continue my treatments at home with the same results. The process from start to delivery was simple and the staff were excellent in handling any questions or road blocks with insurance. If you or a loved one is in need of relief from a skin disorder, National Biological will be your 1st and only choice. Georgettte (AZ), Sept 2013
  • I've been getting light treatments 3 times a week from my dermatologist for close to 16 years. I tried other treatments including biologics, but nothing worked for very long. Recently my insurance changed and my cost increased drastically,  so I started researching alternatives. I found National Biological online and I contacted them. They were extremely helpful and did all the insurance work for me, I ordered the Panosol 3D which my insurance paid all but 10%. When I received the light box I was impressed with the quality of the unit, no plastic, all metal construction. Very nice! I've been using it for about 6 months now and results are as good as the visits to my doctor. I am very happy with the unit and would highly recommend it. Thanks. Joe (MA), Sept 2013

  • After five years of dealing with psoriasis and trying many different ways to relieve it my Dermatologist recommended light therapy and gave me your website. I called and spoke to one of your representatives who was very knowledgeable of your products and helpful. They asked me a number of questions in order to determine which of your products would best fit my needs. Your DermaLume 2X phototherapy unit was recommended. With continued use and continuing follow-up with my Dermatologist I have noticed excellent results. I have been told that psoriasis is something that may never completely go away but at least I now have it under control thanks to National Biological and my Dermatologist's help. Gordon (OH), Sep 2013
  • Thanks for all your cheerful help and support in helping me to obtain the [Dermalume 2X].  I have had chronic psoriasis for many years.  Dermatologists have treated me with the latest medications and topicals without much success.  In only a few months with the ultraviolet unit, the psoriasis is gone from my body and 90% gone from my scalp.  Since I live in a remote area, it is difficult for me to go to a health provider for ultraviolet treatment, but I can use the home unit frequently.  It has made all the difference. Jim (NY), Sep 2013

  • I've had vitiligo since '06. Over the years, it's gotten worse and spread drastically. Phototherapy has been the only thing that ever helped. But visiting my dermatologist three times a week and paying a copay didn't fit into my schedule or my budget. I purchased the Panosol 3D unit for home use. It's convenient, easy to use, and was part of my daily routine. I use it sparingly now since my vitiligo's gone down. Thank you so much! Shawn (NJ), August 2013
  • I use my lamp with excellent success in the winter months for control of psoriasis, works really well! I get enough sunlight in the summer months for control. I would highly recommend this lamp to anyone that has a similar condition as myself. Bill (NJ), August 2013
  • The Handisol II unit has been wonderful for me, and I highly recommend it. Since the unit is portable, I can take it back and forth from NY to FL enabling me to continue regular treatments. For over four years I saw a few dermatologists who prescribed several different topical and internal treatments with poor results or bad side effects.  Finally phototherapy was prescribed.  It's been the most effective way I've found to deal with my psoriasis.
    Clayton (NY), August 2013
  • For ten plus years I have suffered with psoriasis on my hands and feet.  The skin was so raw, itchy, broken and sore it ws difficult to do normal daily activities. Washing my hair, getting dressed, doing dishes, and even driving became painful.  My feet became so encased with psoriasis I had to buy a larger size shoe just to accomodate my"growing" problem. I had tried every topical, and several systemic solutions to little or no avail. Within several weeks of using the Handisol II I noticed a tremendous difference.  After using National Biological's Handisol II for approximately one year, my hands and feet are clear of psoriasis. I maintain a regular schedule of use which has assisted me in keeping my psoriasis at bay. I can now do all the things I used to do without embarassment or explanation.  I am particularly careful, but the Handisol II has made a tremendous difference in my daily life. I am so thankful for National Biologic for making this phototherapy device available and amazed at the difference it has made. Thank you, Georgianna, August 2013
  • Gotta cut to the chase: the UV machine I bought from NBC works like a charm. My wife did a ton of research online, emailed a ton of folks and was the great question-asker.  I knew from earlier in-office UV treatment that UV works and psoriasis vanishes, but when the co-pays finally kicks-in then i, too, disappear. Nearly a year later the psoriasis had returned full speed ahead, though not as bad as the pre-UV psoriasis.   It would've though, if the terrific NBC unit had not saved the day. It takes 4 minutes a day, every other day, but the other 23.9 hours of the day/night are scar, scab, and scaly skin free. It stores right behind the bedroom door, involves no maintenance, and takes 5 minutes each day to set up, use and store. Can't thank you enough. Joe (NY), August 2013
  • I was diagnosed with vitiligo two years ago. The dermatologist sent me to a skin center for phototherapy treatments three times a week. I was paying out of pocket, and the cost was getting  highly expensive. My doctor recommended your website. I came home and researched your products and read testimonials from other consumers. I purchased the Panosol II machine and have been very pleased with the progress of the pigment in my skin returning back to normal color. I keep the Panosol II machine in a spare room in my house. It takes up very little space and is easy to access.  I am so thrilled I purchased the machine. I highly recommend it... Thank you, Slava (SC), August 2013
  • My dermatologist recommended that I have phototherapy treatments for my vitiligo. However, I could not travel the half hour each way to go to his office 3 times per week. It would be way too time consuming and would hinder my job. I researched some phototherapy web sites and my Dr. steered me towards National Biological's Panosol 3D in-home unit. My husband and I easily installed it in my basement and it is convenient and simple to use. My Dr. monitors my on-going treatment. I am pleased that my back has repigmented 90% (barely noticeable). My trunk and underarms are re-pigmenting at a slower rate but since the unit is in my home, it is easy to continue treatment. I feel that the Panosol 3D unit has kept my vitiligo from spreading and I am so happy about that! I would certainly recommend National Biological to others. Ruth (MI), August, 2013
  • My daughter who was diagnosed with a multitude of impairments beginning in 2004, [including] vitiligo. Any of these alone can be devastating to a young child, however when combined with the visible outward appearance of losing pigmentation it makes one extremely self-conscious and ridiculed by her peers. Our daughter received the Panosol 3D approximately 1.5 years ago and the results have been remarkable. The dermatologist stated that we may be treating for about another year. The self esteem has increased as the white spots have been receding. I cannot express our gratitude enough for a wonderful product along with its truly caring staff. Thank you. Ted (AZ), August 2013
  • I purchased a [Panasol 3D] and travel size [Handisol II] light unit.  I appreciate the special one-on-one service that National Biological Corporation took in assuring that I received the right units for me.  I travel extensively and needed some assistance to make sure I got the right unit for my needs.  I then received follow up calls to make sure that everything was working properly.  National Biological Corp worked with my insurance and got everything squared away, so that all I had to do was receive the light unit.  Thank you for a great experience. Kellie (CO), August 2013
  • I have been very pleased with my Panosol 3D. I have suffered with proriasis for the past 40 years.  It is so much more convenient and less expensive in the long run to have an in-house light box rather than the long trip to a Skin Clinic.  We keep it in a spare bedroom and it gets used 2 to 3 times a week.  It has kept my condition in good remission.  The staff at National Biological were very helpful to me in having my medical insurance plans share in helping to pay for the machine.  It arrived at our house packaged so well and easy instructions for assembling the units together.  I highly recommend this wonderful machine for psoriasis conditions and the staff at National Biological are the best!!! Ann (WA), August 2013
  • My daughter was diagnosed with vitiligo in 2008 at the age of eight. Her condition worsened over the years despite the many treatments prescribed by doctors, including various creams, steroids, and light therapies. In late 2012, we took her to a well-established dermatologist in Denver who stated that this was the most severe case of vitiligo he had ever treated. Furthermore, he explained phototherapy was the only one treatment that may restore the large pigment loss. Given the ineffectiveness of all the previous treatments, we all felt this would be a long shot at best. We received the Panosol 3D phototherapy lamp from your company in January of 2013 and immediately began treatment. Within days the affected areas of skin began to show small dots of pigment. Within weeks the dots of pigment began to spread at an astonishing rate. During the follow-up visit last March, the dermatologist stated that as a result of the treatment, my daughter's skin was repigmenting faster than any patient he had ever treated. I see this amazing improvement to her vitiligo as the result of a medical miracle provided through your company. Most importantly, as a result of the Panosol 3D's effectiveness in treating vitiligo, my daughter has renewed confidence, thus enabling her to feel like a normal 12 year-old girl. I wholeheartedly thank you for the equipment and service your company provides. Peter (CO), August 2013
  • My psoriasis first appeared when I was 8, perhaps uncorked by the stress of a mid-semester move across town to a new school. For the past 42 years it fluctuated from mild to moderate, with blessed periods of near-total clearance. But the medical labels of mild, moderate, severe based on percent of coverage don't correlate well if at all to the emotional impact of psoriasis. Leaving scales in the chair after a three-hour consulting meeting only to have a manager "jokingly" mention it in front of everyone at the meeting, wearing long sleeves and pants at the beach in junior high while friends pranced in cutoffs and swimsuits - on days like that my psoriasis was anything but moderate. In 1990 I got my first National Biological UVB light box, the old 4-foot model, which I used for many years to keep most of my skin clear. But then the first biologics appeared, and they seemed like a miracle treatment. One or two shots a month, with no more dry, red skin? I readily volunteered for a long-term trial, then another, then a third. But then I didn't have an extra monthly mortgage payment to cover the outrageous cost. My old 4-foot Panasol was the worse for wear after too many moves. But then I learned about the Panasol 3D, a 6-foot narrowband UVB light box that my insurance company would cover 100% (probably because of the biologics' high cost). I've been using my new Panasol 3D now for four months and am very pleased. It's fast, convenient, safe, sturdy and effective. John (CA), August 2013
  • I have suffered from moderate to severe psoriasis for 56 years. The last 4 years, my skin was severe enough for me to be admitted into a hospital where I received extensive treatments along with learning about phototherapy.  I was thrilled at how successfully my skin responded to the light treatments. For the first time in my life I felt hopeful. After returning home I found that I frequently needed to have the phototherapy treatments, but the closest facility was 45 minutes away which caused me much anxiety, time, and money. To keep my skin under control, I needed a better solution. Finding National Biological was just that. The Panasol 3D Phototherapy Device with Narrowband UVB Lamps has a classic non-intrusive appearance and fits nicely in the corner of our bedroom where I am free to give myself a treatment without ever leaving the house. My ultraviolet unit has given me peace of mind knowing that I can improve my condition in the comfort of my own home without the scheduling, travel time, or gas expense, more importantly, I can start treatment immediately. The experts that work at National Biological are friendly and knowledgeable. They made sure the unit was delivered to my front door shortly after it was ordered.  With much appreciation, Peggy (MI), August 2013
  • I got my Panosol 3D 6' unit about one year ago. It beats going 90 miles round trip 3 times a week for treatment. My psoriasis has cleared up, and now I only have to do the lights twice a week. It payed to ahve my unit at home. I am very pleased with it and with how well National Biological, my doctor and my insurnace company together on my behalf. Frank (MN), Aug 2013
  • I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the Panosol 3D UVB light that I recently purchased.  The unit was shipped promptly and arrived in perfect condition, the directions were well written and easy to follow and the unit itself was simple to set up and is extremely easy to use.  It has worked great from the start and the results have been impressive - along with the use of a topical it has completely cleared my skin in a matter of weeks, and this requires just 1 minute of use 3 times a week.  It is a huge improvement over driving out to the dermatologists office 3 times every week and a real timesaver.  Thank you so much for your help! Steve (MA), August 2013
  • This device has been a miracle in my life.  The effect it has on my [vitiligo] is amazing. I encourage all suffers of this horrific condition to investigate this incredible device.  Angela (CA), July 2013
  • I have had severe plaque psoriasis for over 50 years. During that time I have tried just about every available treatment plan. Some treatments didn't work, some had serious side effects, and some were too expensive. Then last year my dermatologist advised me to try UVB phototherapy. After doing some Internet research, my dermatologist and I contacted National Biological, and they worked with my insurance provider to obtain for me the Panosol 3D Narrowband UVB. My insurance covered 80% of the cost, making this an affordable alternative for me. I began the phototherapy in mid-November last year with three treatments per week with a maximum exposure time of 6 minutes (3 minutes front and 3 minutes back). By January my skin was almost completely clear, and by February it was completely clear, and I was having only 1 treatment per week lasting 4 minutes (2 minutes front and 2 minutes back). For me the bottom line is that my skin is free of psoriasis, I have no prescription costs, I don't have to go to the doctor's office for treatment, the equipment is easy to use and takes up little space in a corner of my bathroom, and I need see the dermatologist only every 6 months for a check-up. My dermatologist says that I could quit the light treatments and the psoriasis would probably not come back for about 6 months, but treatment is so easy, I plan to continue my weekly 4 minute treatments. During this time I have had several questions about my equipment, and the people at National Biological have always answered my questions promptly and thoroughly - and in language that I could understand. I would recommend that anyone with severe plaque psoriasis consider UVB phototherapy with equipment from National Biological. Jack (IN), July 2013
  • At the age of 77 my mother was diagnosed with psoriasis over 75% of her body. Due to her age and medical condition (diabetic) the doctors did not want to prescribe anything stronger than a mild topical ointment and analgesic for itching. Two years later we were tired of applying ointment and having no positive results. I knew ultraviolet light therapy was an option but that meant traveling 60 miles round trip 3 times a week. Since I work outside of the home I would not be able to take the time from work to make those trips. I did a little research on line for home light units and found National Biological.  We are so totally thrilled that I did. With their help we had a unit in our home within 3 weeks. They walked me through the process step by step, including Medicare and supplemental Insurance claim forms and not one detail was missed. Working with the company was an absolute delight! Within 3 months of using the unit, my mother showed a considerable improvement and within 6 months my mom has experienced  at least an 85-95% improvement!!! Thanks to the staff at National Biological for making the procedure to obtain the unit so easy and quick.  Lori (NY), July 2013
  • The unit I received exceeded my expectations for light therapy. Because balancing work life and therapy is often difficult with going to a doctors office I was missing treatments occasionally, with the unit I have now I am able to receive therapy that conforms to my current schedule. I was completely covered head to toe with psoriasis about a year ago, after receiving the unit and subsequent treatments, the psoriasis lesions eventually disappeared. I would highly highly recommend that people who suffer from this chronic condition purchase this unit. From initial consultation to final delivery, I felt that I was their only customer the way I was treated. If you want your quality of life to improve, I would work with National Biological and find the right solution for you. Jan (NY), July 2013
  • I want to tell you that this machine has changed my life!  I got my machine in April 2012 and started using it right away.  Within just a few weeks I saw marked improvement in my psoriasis lesions.  I have had to go without wearing shorts during the summer because of breakouts....Not so now!  I will say that the results were amazing and somewhat unbelievable!  I slacked off just a bit on treatments during the past winter months and realized some lesions were showing up once again.  I am now back to my 3X weekly treatment plan and seeing the same wonderful results! Thanks for asking! Eileen, June 2013
  • I have been using the Panosol 3D light for a few months and the results are wonderful. My skin is 90 percent better. Last week I wore shorts for the first time in 10 years. I recommend the light to anyone with psoriasis because it really works. GENE, June 2013
  • I've suffered from psoriasis since I was 12 years old. As I grew older, the condition became much worse, spreading to nearly 60% of my body. The condition was both painful and embarrassing. Except for biologics, I'd used every medicine, and none of them worked... Anyone with psoriasis knows that sunlight helps, but few of us can get enough consistent sunlight to make a difference. What is worse, sunlight Has UVA, which causes a variety of damage to your skin - notably cancer, aging, etc. UVB has much less side effects and aids in the body's natural production of Vitamin D. Most people out there were sceptical like me, "yeah right" 2 minutes in front a phototherapy light is going to help, even cure, my psoriasis? We have been sold so much crap and told of so many home remedies that we simply lost hope for any real help. UVB Light therapy works for me. In 40+ years of suffering, it's the only thing that has really worked for me. Darrin (TN), July 2013
  • During an appointment with a dermatologist I discovered that I had a bad case of psoriasis. He described a number of options.  In our discussions I informed him that I didn't want any of the drugs that had particularly bad side effects. One of my options was ultraviolet light treatments and a topical cream. At that time he gave me a National Biological brochure. I called National Biological and was advised what device was best for my case and all the steps I and my doctor had to take to procure one. Upon receipt of the device I used it three times a week for the prescribed time duration. Inside two and a half months my psoriasis was gone on over 90% of my body and the remaining few spots were minimal. I use it two times a week to prevent any new outbreaks. It's great, no harmful drugs, no injections, just nominal exposure to UV light. I highly recommend the National Biological system. Norman (MS), June 2013
  • My UV Lamp is the best thing since sliced bread. I suffer from chronic psoriasis which covers about 50% to 75% of my body. The results of the use of my lamp keeps my skin looking as normal as possible. My psoriasis is the plaque type, therefore it builds up and gets thick, but by using my lamp it keeps the build-up down, and the white rings that accompany the build up disappear.... Hallelujah! Thanks to you and the wonderful staff at National Biological for being there for me in my time of crisis. Much love to you and especially the person that made this machine available for home usage. I can now wear my Capri's and short sleeved blouses without the stigma of being "the lady with the funny looking skin" Thanks again from the bottom of my heart. :) Wanda (VA), June 2013
  • National Biological exceeded my expectiations in securing a Panasol 3D unit!  The customer service greatly assisted me in filling the paperwork & working with my insurance provider. The unit quality of "fit & finish" is world class and a pleaseant surprise since I am a gear manufacturer & look critically @ design, manufacture, & assembly. Way to go National Biological! Paul (WI), June 2013
  • Having the Panasol 3D in my home has helped me stay on track with my treatment without the hassle of going to a Phototherapy Lab.  National Biological was helpful in working with my insurance company and have been supportive in helping me understand my treatment protocol.  I also appreciate their friendly and professional customer support team.  I feel confident that I made the right choice in working with National Biological. Paul (MA), June 2013
  • I have been dealing with my psoriasis for about 6 to 7 years now. I have tried all the creams, ointments, etc. and the only treatment that has worked is phototherapy. I spent a lot of money and had to take a lot of time off from work ... to get my treatment. Now that I have the Panosol 3D at home, I am able to do my phototherapy treatments whenever I choose to and after 6 months, my skin has cleared up 90-95%. I would recommend the Panosol 3D and National Biological without hesitation. The customer service is very friendly and knowledgeable. They gave me the information I needed to assist my doctor's office in helping me get the equipment paid for my insurance company. Thea (AZ), June 2013
  • Thank you to the NB team for coming up with a safe and affordable treatment solution. I love the convenience of having the [Panosol 3D] at home that saves me from having to show up three times a week to my dermatologist's office for a number of months. The folding design is brilliant!...I can have the machine without giving up precious space at home. And if I have to move it, it is easy to push from room to room as it has wheels at the bottom. Treatments at home are easier to fit in my busy routine. And with my kids lurking at every corner, the machine's security feature gives me peace of mind. I could not be happier. Vanessa (FL), June 2013
  • I wanted to express how happy I have been with my ultraviolet unit.  I have had such  positive success with using the unit and feel so much better about my appearance. Thank you for your product.  I am sure it has helped many people like me. Lucille (NJ), June 2013

  • [My patient] utilized the UVB box [for recalcitrant psoriasis]... After about one year she was almost completely clear. Her demeanor changed during this process from that of almost suicidal and not even able to present herself for employment as she was so drastically covered with her psoriasis to being very satisfied and content with her outcome. I am definitely an advocate for home light box therapy!! Dr. Kay Johnston, San Angelo TX, September 2011 Read complete letter
  • I was diagnosed with psoriasis at age 14 and now I am 36 years old. I have tried just about every medicine both approved by FDA and trial without much success. Examples include Enbrel, Humira, oral meds, creams, oils, salts, coal tar, etc.. Three times a week, in the privacy of my own home--I do my light treatment on my Panosol II. It is slim and easy to move around-takes up very little space... Since it is on wheels I can move it when I need to. I am getting married in Oct and I am wearing a strapless gown that also shows my back and I am confident (not like before) that my skin will be soft and pretty vs red and flaky. Tara (NY), October 2012 Read complete letter
  • I appreciate your fast service and your helpful and friendly staff. S.V. (OH), April 2010
TUV GSA Compliance Team