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Houva II®

Full Body Clinical Treatment


The Houva II® system is a full body clinical unit that combines ease of use with smart control features for extra safety.

Treatments are covered by most insurance carriers

Houva II Clinical Phototherapy System Features

  • PhotoSense® technology for precise treatment management
  • Viewing window to monitor patient during treatment
  • Key-switch for added safety
  • Safety screen snaps out for easy lamp replacement
  • Handrail and non-skid floor for patient safety
  • Raised floor for proper treatment of lower legs
  • Perimeter flow ventilation for increased patient comfort
  • Available in multiple lamp configurations
  • “Watchdog” circuitry automatically shuts off unit if potential malfunction detected

The National Biological Difference

  • Whether it be a yearly calibration or an on-site installation, our team of highly trained phototherapy experts is here to assist you and your clinic when the need arises.

PhotoSense® Technology

  • Because the Houva II® features separate UVA and UVB PhotoSense® Exposure Controls and UVA and/or UVB measuring devices, you and your patients benefit from precise treatment management regardless of which regimen you choose. As an added safety measure, you may preset a maximum exposure time to minimize the chance of overexposure.

Five Houva II Configurations Available

  • Option 1: UAB-102: Houva II NB-UVB and UVA System
  • Option 2: UAB-224: Houva II International 24 UVA and 24 NB-UVB System
  • Option 3: UAB-310: Houva II 24 UVA-1 and 24 NB-UVB System
  • Option 4: UVB-111: Houva II International NB-UVB System
  • Option 5: UVB-101: Houva II 48 NB-UVB System


  • 208 VAC, 60 Hz, 24 A per leg
  • Requires a 30A disconnect
  • 10-foot, 4 conductor #10 AWG power cable supplied
  • 46″ W x 49″ D x 82″ H (117 cm x 124 cm x 213 cm)
  • Optional international base 220-240 volts, 50/60 Hz


  • All parts (excluding lamps) and labor carry a full 1-year warranty
  • Extended warranties available
  • Lamps carry a 90 day warranty

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