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National Biological was founded in 1967 by a pharmacist who understood clearly that UV Phototherapy provided a safer and more effective treatment than drugs for severe or chronic psoriasis, vitiligo and other skin conditions. Over the years since then, National Biological has become widely recognized among doctors and patients alike as the world leader in our field, consistently providing innovation, manufacture, and distribution of Phototherapy equipment. We are still privately held and continue to provide innovation, superior products, experience and service to our customers.

Quality is important to us. We have achieved and maintain International Standards Association (ISO) 13485 Certification. This certification is reviewed regularly and it guarantees that both our medical devices and our service meet the highest standards. To ensure this quality is always adhered to, we maintain our own production facility.

National Biological is one of the inventors of UV Phototherapy equipment. We have a proven track record of successful psoriasis treatment over many years. Our products have been used frequently in research demonstrating the effectiveness and safety of UV Phototherapy as a psoriasis treatment. UV Phototherapy requires no injections or medication. Treatment only requires a few minutes a week in the doctor's office or in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Best of all, National Biological provides FREE insurance reimbursement assistance as well as payment plans to meet your budget. Why suffer another day?

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TUV GSA Compliance Team