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Healthcare Providers

Doctor providing a prescription of a home phototherapy device to a patient.

Prescribe a home phototherapy device

Help your patients access treatment conveniently from their homes, driving compliance.

Doctor working at desk considering the cost and benefits of investing in a phototherapy booth for his practice

Invest in a clinical booth for your practice

Strengthen your practice by offering an additional service.

Doctor working on a laptop computer to authorize refill codes for a patient's home phototherapy device.

Refill Codes

You can authorize Refill Codes for your patients’ devices on our Physician Portal.

Photo of a patient doing research on a computer to see if uv phototherapy is a potential treatment for their condition.

Patient Resources

NatBio has produced a range of materials to help patients evaluate the prospect of phototherapy treatment.

Photo of a medical research team discussing phototherapy.


Learn about the latest findings from phototherapy research.

Join our Clinical Directory

Becoming part of our phototherapy directory is a valuable opportunity to enhance your practice’s reach and connect with patients seeking specialized care.

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