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Healthcare Providers

Prescribe a device for a patient

Our Smart Form for prescribing home phototherapy units saves your office time. It combines a prescription with a Letter of Medical Necessity. All you have to do is fill in a few fields, then print the form, sign it, and fax it to (216) 765-0271 or e-mail it to [email protected]

We also accept online prescriptions via DMEhub.

Order a clinical unit for your practice

A clinical unit presents a strong opportunity for your practice to generate incremental income. National Biological Corporation manufactures a range of models for use in a clinical setting. Fill out our clinical unit order form or call us at (216) 831-0600 to speak with a sales associate. You can also start orders for new lamps, service and goggles online.

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On our portal for healthcare professionals, you can:

  • Authorize additional treatments for patients

Why do you need to authorize additional treatments?

All our devices but the Dermalight-90 are equipped with our patented Controlled Prescription Timer® (CPT). This technology helps ensure that treatment is physician-guided and safe by creating an opportunity for your patient to return to your office every 3-9 months to review progress. It works by rendering the unit inoperable after the patient has completed a set number of treatments. To make the unit operable again, the patient needs to receive authorization for additional treatments from his or her physician.