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Prescribe A Home Phototherapy Device

We have decades of experience supporting patients with the purchase of home phototherapy equipment. We are “in-network” with many major insurance plans, including United Healthcare and Blue Cross Blue Shield plans. We offer patients competitive financing in partnership with CareCredit and United Credit. We have a team dedicated to helping patients work with their insurance plans.

Submit Prescription

Most insurance plans require a Prescription, a Letter of Medical Necessity and Chart Notes.

Our Smart Form saves your office time by combining a Prescription with a Letter of Medical Necessity.

You can submit these documents via fax at (216) 765-0271 or e-mail at [email protected].

Our Process

Graphic showing the timeline of how long it may take National Biological to process a prescription for a home phototherapy device. Text shown on graphic: Intake: 1-2 Days. We will validate that we have all required documentation and run an insurance benefits check, then call your patient to discuss next steps. Pre-Authorization: 2+ weeks. If your patient's insurance requires Pre-Authorization, we will manage the process. Ship Unit: 1 Day. Once all paperwork is in order, we will ship your patient a device directly from our factory in Ohio.

You can reach out to our Clinical Accounts Management team with questions at any time by calling (216) 831-0600 or e-mailing [email protected].

Supervise Treatment

When we ship your patient’s phototherapy device, we will send your office an e-mail so that you know the unit is on the way.

If you are a first-time prescriber, we offer a range of our resources on our Research page that you can leverage as you guide your patient through treatment.

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