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Invest In A Clinical Booth

Why invest in a clinical phototherapy unit?

A phototherapy booth will make your practice financially stronger by adding an additional source of revenue. Major insurers reimburse clinical phototherapy treatments for a range of skin conditions, including vitiligo and eczema.

With Medicare reimbursement rates starting above $100, you can easily grow your practice by six figures annually.

Treatments are short, normally lasting fewer than 10 minutes, meaning you will not need to hire an additional employee to manage your booth. Typical protocol is 3 treatments per week.

Example: A dermatology practice in Southern California billing Medicare rates

CPT Code: 96910
Reimbursement Rate: $143.21

Patients/WeekMonthly RevenueAnnual Revenue


A clinical phototherapy booth has a very fast payback period. Even if you purchase our most advanced technology, you will be able to recoup the cost within one year. Many doctors attain medical practice loans to finance the purchase of a booth.

Installation and training

When you order your phototherapy booth, a member of our team will walk you through the steps you need to take to prepare for the installation of your booth, then schedule your installation.

At the time of installation, an experienced technician will teach your team how to operate the booth. Even if your practice has no prior experience with phototherapy, we can train your team in less than one day. The administration of phototherapy treatments does not require a physician’s license. You can delegate booth operations to a trusted member of your staff, meeting with patients as needed to assess progress.

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