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Choosing Phototherapy for Home & Clinic

Incorporating phototherapy into a clinic’s practice not only expands the array of available treatments but also meets the increasing demand for safer, more personalized, and cost-effective solutions in dermatological care. 

The 5-in-1 Benefits are Clear

Unmatched Safety Record

Top-Tier Effectiveness

Tailored Treatment Solutions

Long Term Cost Efficiency

Boost In Office Revenue

Unmatched Safety Record

Narrowband UVB therapy boasts an exceptional safety profile, making it suitable for children1, pregnant women2, the elderly3, and individuals with compromised immune systems.4

Furthermore, research indicates that Narrowband UVB monotherapy is not significantly linked to the development of malignant melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma, or basal cell carcinoma.5

Top-Tier Effectiveness

Tailored Treatment Solutions

NatBio offers advanced, customizable solutions for both home and clinic settings. Innovations like the Digital Timer Controller and our Physicians Portal were developed to make prescribing and administering phototherapy simple. Our proprietary software and hardware collaborate seamlessly to ensure each treatment is safe, effective, and user-friendly.

Whether you prefer home-based, in-office, or a blend of both approaches, NatBio provides the equipment, technology, and expertise necessary for success.

Long Term Cost Efficiency

Boost In-Office Revenue

Earn additional revenue using in-office phototherapy and the reimbursement codes 96910 and 96900.

Enhance in-office phototherapy capabilities by implementing a dual-path phototherapy protocol. Initiate treatment with in-clinic sessions and then transition patients to home therapy and semi-annual in-office progress checks. This approach empowers patients while enabling providers to monitor progress closely, fostering a consistent revenue stream for the practice. 

Why NatBio Phototherapy?

NatBio has long been known for offering effective and safe solutions for a variety of chronic skin conditions through phototherapy. Discover why incorporating NatBio’s phototherapy into your practice can elevate patient care.

In today’s dynamic healthcare landscape, the integration of phototherapy represents the pinnacle of innovation and efficacy. As healthcare professionals committed to providing comprehensive and advanced treatments, aligning with phototherapy enhances patient outcomes and positions your practice at the forefront of medical solutions.

Home Solutions

NatBio is a trusted name in home phototherapy solutions, ensuring safety and efficacy for patients managing skin conditions at home. See how our devices can help your patients

Clinical Solutions

For over 40 years, NatBio devices have been trusted by providers worldwide. Our clinical devices are designed for effective and efficient treatments, tailored to meet modern clinic requirements.

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