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Houva 4®

Trusted Phototherapy Solutions for Full-Body Clinical Treatments

Houva 4® Phototherapy System with DermaSense® Technology combines proven phototherapy treatment with the latest technology in UV light measurement.

Houva 4® Safety Features

  • Safety interlock automatically shuts off unit when door is open
    • Prevent accidental exposure to others in the room with this built-in safety feature.
  • Non-UV transmitting viewing window
  • Safety screens
    • Designed for maximum light output, the screens also protect the patient from accidental contact with the lamps.
  • Hand rails for patient safety

Houva 4 Clinical Phototherapy System Features

  • Choice of open top or sealed unit
    • The open top creates an environment that is more inviting to children and claustrophobic patients.
  • High output lamps
    • 48 high output lamps eliminates the need for lengthy treatments while simultaneously providing effective and precise care. (see lamp configurations)
  • Integrated removable sensors
    • The removable sensors allow for quick and easy calibrations thus minimizing downtime and ensuring your phototherapy unit is operating at peak potential.
  • Patient Ergonomics
    • Exclusive perimeter flow ventilation for increased patient comfort.
    • Raised floor for proper treatment of lower legs.
    • Non-skid floor mat for patient safety.
  • Treatments are covered by many insurance carriers

DermaSense® Technology

Only Houva 4® has DermaSense®, the exclusive dual measuring technology that features integrated, removable microprocessor-controlled sensors that constantly monitor UV and electrical power levels with real time readings.

DermaSense® automatically controls UV energy, making conventional light meter readings unnecessary and assuring optimal treatment times. Houva 4® controls are designed to never fail in the “ON” position.

Exterior Finish

The exterior of Houva 4® is constructed of a durable mar and dent resistant material finished in a sophisticated gray color that will look great now and in the future.

National Biological Makes Annual Recalibration Easy

National Biological’s service team is here to help you and your clinic. Our highly trained and friendly team will ensure your clinic’s phototherapy devices are operating to their fullest potential, ensuring your office retains the highest patient throughput and most ROI on your device. Ask your National Biological representative about our service offerings today.

Three Lamp Configurations Available

  • UVB Configuration – UHU-318
    • Equipped with 48 Narrowband UVB lamps
  • UVB/UVA Configuration – UHU-312
    • Equipped with 24 Narrowband UVB lamps and 24 UVA lamps
  • UVA Configuration – UHU-314
    • Equipped with 48 UVA lamps

*Other lamp configurations available on request.


  • 208 VAC, 60 Hz
  • 24 amperes per leg
  • 10-foot, 4 conductor #10 AWG power cable included
  • Optional international base 200/221/220/230/240 volts, 50/60 hertz

Note: A 30 amp disconnect switch should be located within 5 feet of the device. For other supply voltages and systems, including international use, contact National Biological Corporation.

  • Listed with ETL Testing Laboratories, Inc.
  • Certified to the Canadian Standards Association and CMDCAS
  • National Biological Corp. is certified to ISO-13485
  • 46″ W x 49″ D x 82″ H


  • All parts (excluding lamps) and labor carry a full 1-year warranty
  • Extended warranties also available
  • Lamps carry a 90 day warranty

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