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How Phototherapy Works

Angled photo of the Panosol 3D with the lamps turned on.

What is Phototherapy?

Phototherapy is the use of specific wavelengths of light shone directly on affected areas of skin. This light occurs naturally as a component of sunlight and is part of the ultraviolet light spectrum.

How do Phototherapy Lights Work?

Phototherapy treats psoriasis by slowing abnormal growth of normal skin cells, preventing flare ups. Phototherapy treats vitiligo by stimulating the production of melanocytes, resulting in repigmentation. Different wavelengths of light on the UV spectrum are used, driven by the condition that needs to be treated.

Graphic showing the surface of skin.
Photo of a woman using the Dermalight 90 on her scalp while she wears UV blocking goggles.

What is Phototherapy Treatment Like?

This depends on your condition. A common treatment protocol is exposing skin to phototherapy lights 3 times per week, with sessions starting with a few seconds and increasing to several minutes over time. Once skin is clear, your doctor will determine whether maintenance requires regular phototherapy or whether your remission needs only periodic checkups.

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Treating psoriasis with phototherapy


Treating vitiligo with phototherapy

Why choose phototherapy?