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My dermatologist recommended that I try phototherapy for my vitiligo. However, I could not travel the half hour each way to go to his office 3 times per week. My Dr. steered me toward National Biological's Panosol 3D in-home unit. My husband and I easily installed it. My Dr. monitors my on-going treatment. My back has repigmented 90% (barely noticeable). My trunk and underarms are re-pigmenting at a slower rate but since the unit is in my home, it is easy to continue treatment. I feel that the Panosol 3D unit has kept my vitiligo from spreading and I am so happy about that! I would certainly recommend National Biological to others. Ruth (MI), August, 2013


Vitiligo and Phototherapy

What is Vitiligo?

Vitiligo is characterized by loss of pigment in patches of the body. Vitiligo provides little physical discomfort, though it is often quite distressing. Scientists believe that vitiligo may be an autoimmune process in which the body destroys its own pigment.

How does UV Light Treatment help Vitiligo?

Narrowband UVB light, or Phototherapy, can help create repigmentation. It is currently considered the "gold standard" treatment when vitiligo covers 20% or more of the body. This process is slow, working from the outer edges of each patch inward, so regular vitiligo light therapy twice a week for a year or more. Phototherapy equipment has been well-studied and has been proven to be an effective treatment for vitiligo. Phototherapy vitiligo light treatment is generally well-tolerated in both adults and children.

Home UVB Phototherapy Safety

  • Safe for long-term use in adults, children, pregnant women, and immune-depressed persons
  • No increased risk of skin cancer, whereas biologic medications have a risk of organ toxicity and are linked with cancer
  • Our home uvb phototherapy units are equipped with safety features: controlled prescription timer, key-lock and more.

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Home Phototherapy Equipment

Whether phototherapy is done at home or at your doctor's office is a decision between you and your doctor. Our home phototherapy equipment has been well-studied and has been proven to be effective. The right phototherapy vitiligo light therapy unit is based on the size of the affected area. Our most popular units include the 6-foot Panosol 3D® for moderate to severe vitiligo, a Handisol II® for more moderate patches, and the DermaLume 2X wand for small regions.


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Covered by most insurance carriers. Federal law restricts the sale of this device by or on the order of a physician. We are the only company certified to ship phototherapy units to Canada.

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