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LITE Study Proves Efficacy of Home Phototherapy

– Joel Gelfand, M.D.


The preliminary results of the LITE Study, a three-year trial focused on evaluating the efficacy of home phototherapy compared to in-office treatments, have been released. The data is promising for individuals seeking a safe and effective home treatment for plaque or guttate psoriasis.

Dr. Joel Gelfand, the lead physician of the study, initiated this trial in response to patient feedback:

“Patients were motivated to learn more about home phototherapy. They feel like that’s a treatment they want better access to.”

The study was designed to integrate smoothly into standard care practices, with eligibility criteria reflecting routine clinical procedures:

  • Inclusion of patients aged 12 or older diagnosed with plaque and/or guttate psoriasis.
  • Consent from participating clinicians who deemed the patient and their psoriasis suitable for either home or office phototherapy.
  • Willingness from the patient to be randomly assigned to either home or office phototherapy.

Notably, patients were not required to cease other psoriasis treatments, except for phototherapy, which had to be discontinued two weeks prior to randomization for those currently undergoing it.

Initial Findings

The primary findings of the LITE Study demonstrated that home-based phototherapy is noninferior to office-based treatments for plaque or guttate psoriasis. This conclusion held true across various metrics, including outcomes reported by both physicians and patients, and was consistent regardless of skin type. The study’s comprehensive and practical design suggests that this data should be swiftly integrated into clinical practice.

“Adding phototherapy to the mix can really help us maintain response, help people, and get to the ultimate objective we are trying to achieve for them.”

– Joel Gelfand, M.D.