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Houva 5™

EMR Connectivity and Biometric Identification



The Houva 5TM is a fully body clinical unit with advanced features and software add-ins. It enables your patients to have a better treatment experience and your practice to more effectively monitor patient progress.

Treatments are covered by most insurance carriers

Houva 5 Phototherapy System Features

  • Biometric fingerprint identification to ensure the correct patient is being treated
  • Full color high resolution touch screen for clear visibility and ease of use
  • Calendar view of last 28 days of treatment specific to each individual patient
  • Non-UV transmitting viewing window to monitor patient during treatment
  • Fan control and nurse call buttons inside booth for added patient convenience
  • Safety screen snaps out for easy lamp replacement
  • High CFM fan maximizes patient comfort by drawing air from the lowest and coolest part of the booth to “bathe’ the patient with a blanket of cool air
  • Choice of open-top or sealed unit
  • Handrail and non-skid floor for patient safety
  • Raised floor for proper treatment of lower legs
  • “Watchdog” circuitry automatically shuts off unit if potential malfunction detected

Advanced High Accuracy Sensor & Protocol Technology

  • High mounted, cosine corrected wide angle sensor samples the energy output from 36 of the 48 lamps, allowing for a wider sample reading, which means dosing is more accurate

The Central PC

  • Built-in industry protocol control for each patient ensures the correct exposure time
  • Stores and maintains a treatment history for each patient, enabling customization

Three Houva 5 Configurations Available

  • 48 Narrow Band UVB lamps
  • Combination Unit with 24 Narrow Band UVB and 24 UVA lamps
  • 48 UVA lamps
  • 48 UVA1 lamps


  • 120/240volt, 3 wire, single phase, Solid Neutral,  VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • 30 Amps per leg
  • 10-foot, 4 conductor #10 AWG power cable supplied
  • Listed with SGS North American Inc.
  • National Biological is Quality System Certified to ISO-13485
  • Booth – 46″ W x 49″ D x 85″ H
  • Central PC – 24”W x 24”D x 20”H
  • Optional international base 220-240 volts, 50/60 Hz
  • All parts (excluding lamps) and labor carry a full 5-year warranty
  • Extended warranties available
  • Lamps carry a 90 day warranty