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UV Blocking Goggles


Key Features:

  • For patient use during phototherapy treatment
  • Blocks 100% UVA/UVB
  • Scratch free, amber lenses permit viewing of all colored LED displays
  • Soft rubber eye pieces and adjustable nose bridge for comfortable fit

It is crucial to wear goggles during phototherapy treatments to protect your eyes. Purchase a pair of National Biological Corporation goggles for use with your home unit or during clinical treatments.

If you wish to purchase goggles in bulk for your phototherapy practice, please email us at [email protected] to speak with a clinical sales associate.

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Our UV Blocking Goggles are specifically designed to enhance and optimize the phototherapy treatment experience for patients. Crafted with precision and care, these goggles provide essential protection for your eyes during ultraviolet (UV) light therapy sessions.


  • Strap Color: Blue
  • Lens Color: Amber
  • Lens Material: Scratch free Polycarbonate
  • Strap Material: Silicone (Latex free)
  • Strap Length: 18”
  • Case: Not included
  • Recommended Applications: For use during phototherapy treatment


  • Superior UV Protection: Our UV Blocking Goggles are equipped with high-quality, specialized lenses that effectively shield your eyes from harmful UV radiation emitted during phototherapy treatments. This ensures your eyes remain safe and comfortable throughout the entire session.
  • Optimal Comfort: We understand the importance of comfort during medical procedures. These goggles are ergonomically designed to fit snugly and securely, reducing the chances of slipping or shifting during the treatment. The soft silicone strap is hypoallergenic to prevent irritation, allowing you to focus solely on your healing process.
  • Maximum Visibility: The goggles are designed to provide unobstructed vision while blocking UV rays. This feature enables patients to comfortably read, watch television, or engage in other activities during their treatment sessions, making the experience more enjoyable.
  • LATEX FREE: Our UV Blocking Goggles come with adjustable silicone straps to ensure a customizable fit for all patients. The straps can be easily adjusted to accommodate various head sizes, guaranteeing a secure and comfortable fit for everyone.
  • Durable and Reusable: Constructed with durable materials, these goggles are designed to withstand regular use and frequent cleaning. They are easily cleanable with mild soap and water, ensuring a hygienic and long-lasting solution for multiple treatment sessions.
  • Physician Approved: Our UV Blocking Goggles have been thoroughly tested and approved by medical professionals to meet the safety standards required for UV phototherapy treatments. You can trust that your eyes are in safe hands.

By choosing our UV Blocking Goggles, you are investing in your eye health and overall well-being during UV phototherapy treatments. Experience the comfort, protection, and style you deserve with our advanced eyewear solution. Your eyes are our priority, and we are committed to providing the best eye protection for your UV phototherapy journey.